The goal of our Environment Program is to minimize our environmental impact and address conservation concerns by continuing to conceptualize and identify viable programs. We will also work on our longterm commitment to plant another six million trees nationwide, and develop our eight-hectare outdoor biodiversity Cleanergy Park in Davao City. We will continue to promote our re-use, reduce and recycle program called Race to Reduce (R2R), and expand to other areas of operation.

As part of the Group’s overall sustainability commitment, we roll out environmental initiatives that are consistent with our ‘planet’ bottomline. This means engaging our team members in activities that promote environmental conservation and biodiversity enhancement.


In October 2014, the Aboitiz Group reached a milestone as it exceeded its three million trees target — a commitment made in 2009 to plant the said number of trees by 2015 under a program called A-Park. The program was introduced to uphold the importance of a healthy ecosystem by helping diminish our carbon footprint.

With this accomplishment, the Group announced a new target of planting six million more trees by 2020 in keeping with the commitment to build a BetterWorld through sustainable environmental practices.

To date, the total number of trees the group has planted stands at 3.3 million.

Cleanergy Park

The Cleanergy Park is an eight-hectare Aboitiz property located at Sitio Punta Dumalag, Matina Aplaya, Davao City. The property premises and its surroundings have a rare and diverse ecosystem comprised of mangrove forest, coastal forest, marine turtle habitat and nesting area, shoal, coral reefs, sea grasses, and a fish sanctuary declared as marine protected area (MPA), all combined in one place.

Cleanergy Center

The Cleanergy Center is a 650-square meter facility located in the Admin Compound of MakBan Geothermal Power Plant in Brgy. Bitin, Bay, Laguna. It is focused on environmental awareness and energy education through the use of audio visual presentations, interactive displays, and a tour of a working geothermal power plant.

Green Fashion Revolution

Stemming from a concept made by a group of Aboitiz scholars during the 2011 CSR Summit, our Green Fashion Revolution is an annual intercollegiate fashion competition that features environmentally-friendly couture created by Cebu’s talented young designers.

Green Fashion Revolution: Life Flourishing on Land and in Water
Date:  November 25, 2017 (Saturday)

Time:  6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Location:  SM City Cebu Trade Halls 1 & 2



  1. The competition is open to all schools, colleges, and universities within the Province of Cebu.
  2. Participating students must be enrolled with the most recent school year during the confirmation of registration.  She or he must be at least 15 years old but not more than 30 years old.
  3. Each participating school must submit a 1-minute video not later than November 18, 2017 to document the following:
    1. How the design collection was conceptualized?
    2. What materials were used?
    3. How materials were recycled and converted to creative designs?
    4. Members of the designing team.
    5. Any message they want to share as regards the design concept.
  4. The design concept of each participating team shall support the theme Life on Land and Life Below Water and with at least two (2) designs under the ff. categories:
    • Best Clothing Design
    • Best Accessories Design
    • Best Bag Design
    • Best Footwear Design
  5. The team will present a maximum of 10 models. They have the freedom to decide the combination of male and female models.
  6. All participating teams are encouraged to attend the scheduled consultation and mentoring sessions.  Details of the schedules will be sent separately.
  7. During the finals night, each team has 5 minutes to showcase and model all its collections. A point will be deducted from the total score for every 30-second exceeding or less than time allowed.
  8. A 2-minute preparation time is given to each group prior to the start of the fashion show. And another minute will be given for the wrap-up (removal of props, exit of models, etc.) after its presentation.
  9. Use of water, fire, vehicles, pyrotechnics, and anything that may cause hazards/accidents or may harm others are NOT allowed during the competition.
  10. Props may be allowed during the presentation subject to approval by the organizer.
  11. There will be a rehearsal to be scheduled ahead of the event at SM Cebu Trade Halls 2 and 3, Cebu City, time and date to be determined. Attendance is a must and schedules should be strictly followed.
  12. Each participating team shall be given their own preparation area at the event venue.
  13. Each participating team shall be allowed a maximum of 5 assistants consisting of make-up artist/s, production assistants, props men, etc. at their assigned preparation area.
  14. Official call time is 5:00 p.m.  All models are expected to be at the backstage area by this time.
  15. Any violation of the rules and regulations cited here will mean automatic disqualification.
  16. Winners will be announced before the program ends.
  17. The decision of the judges is final and irrevocable.


Overall Best Design

Final Score will be based and computed as follows:

Pre-judging event on November 18, 2017: (70%)

  1. Design Concept (30%)
    • This pertains to design philosophy, clarity of message, and consistency of design with the theme.
  2. Design Sustainability (30%)
    • This pertains to the creative recycling of waste material to a more functional, practical design that is saleable and marketable to the public.
  3. Design Execution and Craftsmanship (25%)
    • This pertains to design creativity, technique and quality of work.
  4. Design Overall Visual Effect (15%)
    • This pertains to the “hanger appeal”, total look, and overall presentation of collection.

 Finals Night on November 25, 2017: (30%)

  1. Design Concept (30%)
    • This pertains to design philosophy, clarity of message, and consistency of design with the theme.
  2. Design Sustainability (30%)
    • This pertains to the creative recycling of waste material to a more functional, practical design that is saleable and marketable to the public.
  3. Design Execution and Craftsmanship (25%)
    • This pertains to design creativity, technique and quality of work.
  4. Design Overall Visual Effect (15%)
    • This pertains to the “hanger appeal”, total look, and overall presentation of collection.

Best Design Per Category

Using the same criteria for judging provided above, the team with highest score per category is the winner.


Overall Champion                 –    P50,000

1st Runner-up                     –    P40,000

2nd Runner-up                     –    P30,000

Best Clothing Design           –    P  5,000

Best Accessories Design      –    P  5,000

Best Bag Design                    –    P  5,000

Best Footwear Design          –   P  5,000

#BetterWorld for the Pawikan

The Aboitiz Foundation aims to raise funds for the protection and preservation of the critically endangered hawksbill turtle in Punta Dumalag, Davao City, one of the last few remaining natural habitats for species of its kind. Entitled “I Want a #BetterWorld for the Pawikan”, the fundraising drive will not only secure the plight of hawksbill turtles but also spread greater public awareness on how everyone can help to ensure their survival amid climate change and environmental degradation.



Pawikans have played an important role in keeping our world’s oceans healthy for over a hundred million years. They maintain seagrass beds and coral reefs, provide key habitat for other marine life, help balance marine food webs, and facilitate nutrient cycling from water to land. (source: Oceana)


Overharvesting and Illegal Trade

Pawikan or sea turtles continue to be harvested unsustainably both for human consumption and trade of their parts. Turtle meat and eggs are a source of food and income for many people around the world. Some also kill turtles for medicine and religious ceremonies. Tens of thousands of pawikan or sea turtles are lost this way every year, devastating populations of already endangered greens and hawksbills.

Killing of turtles for both domestic and international markets continues as well. While international trade in all pawikan or sea turtle species and their parts is prohibited under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), illegal trafficking persists.

Habitat Loss

Pawikan or sea turtles are dependent on beaches for nesting. Uncontrolled coastal development, vehicle traffic on beaches and other human activities have directly destroyed or disturbed sea turtle nesting beaches around the world. Turtle feeding grounds such as coral reefs and sea grass beds are damaged and destroyed by activities onshore, including sedimentation from clearing of land and nutrient run-off from agriculture.

Climate Change

All stages of a pawikan or sea turtle’s life are affected by environmental conditions such as temperature—even the sex of offspring. Unusually warm temperatures caused by climate change are disrupting the normal ratios, resulting in fewer male hatchlings.

Warmer sea surface temperatures can also lead to the loss of important foraging grounds for pawikan or sea turtles, while increasingly severe storms and sea level rise can destroy critical nesting beaches and damage nests. (source:


As of December 2015, 1,876 hatchlings have been released to the ocean on the shores of Aboitiz Cleanergy Park. These baby turtles are expected to return years later to the same area they hatched to lay their own eggs. For this reason, it is important to preserve their natural habitat to increase the chances of reversing the decline of their species.


1. Cleanergy Park

The Aboitiz Group has created an eight-hectare outdoor biodiversity area to help save endangered pawikan (hawksbill) turtles and preserve the coastal forest and marine life in the area.

The property, which is managed by AboitizPower subsidiary Davao Light, has long been a breeding ground for the critically endangered and elusive Pawikan turtles, as well as approximately 66 species of trees, birds, and fish.

It is surrounded by a 37-hectare Marine Protected Area and provides a unique and experiential learning platform through its facilities: the turtle sanctuary viewdeck, a botanical garden, a mangrove boardwalk, and a weather station.

“The Aboitiz Cleanergy Park represents our sustainability mindset—that we can do well by doing good, always making the right long-term decisions that balance the interests of people, planet, and profit,” explained  Erramon I. Aboitiz, Aboitiz Equity Ventures President and Chief Executive Officer.“Through this project, we hope to provide a safe haven to the Pawikan turtles and other marine life, as well as help save the coastal forest in the area and its inhabitants,” added Aboitiz.

To safeguard and protect the park’s rich natural resources and species that have made it their home, Aboitiz keeps much of the area untouched and unguided tours are also not allowed. Currently, the park is being used for research by biologists and other scientists and educators for environment preservation.

2. Accomplishments

  • Aboitiz Cleanergy Park was able to release 1,876 hatchlings as of December 2015


  • Partners:  Davao City local government, Barangay Matina Aplaya, DENR, BMB (formerly PAWB), researchers from UP and University of Southeastern Philippines, other LGUs, and Aboitiz Group team members
  • Ultimately, we are preserving these rich natural resources for the benefit of future generations and the best way  to educate the present generation to be responsible stewards of the natural resources.


By donating to Aboitiz Foundation’s “I Want a BetterWorld for the Pawikan” campaign, you help protect one more hawksbill turtle in Punta Dumalag, Davao City, one of the last remaining habitats of this critically endangered species.

To donate, follow these steps.

  1. Visit
  2. Click the “DONATE” icon.
  3. Click the dropdown menu under “CAMPAIGN” and choose “#BetterWorld For The Pawikans”.
  4. Fill in the amount details and click “DONATE NOW”